Photo In which countries are the most beautiful golf courses located?
In which countries are the most beautiful golf courses located?

Golf is a great outdoor exercise. The game consists of hitting balls into holes on a golf course. To win, it is essential to hit the balls into the holes within very few strokes. Not only does playing golf enable you to exercise your muscles and body; but if you play golf, you can also unwind from stress at the site of the panoramic golf site.

To play golf, you need golf clubs, golf balls, and especially a golf course. You may be used to playing golf in the golf courses in your country. For more fun, you might be thinking of playing golf somewhere else. But where are the most beautiful golf courses located?

The most beautiful golf courses

Here are four countries with the most beautiful golf courses for your golf holiday.

  • In the USA, the most beautiful golf courses are located in Hawaii, in Arizona, in Monterey, and in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. High quality golf courses make the USA a popular destination for a golf vacation. Golfers can stay at luxurious, comfortable hotels which are located on the spot. In Hawaii, golf courses are so scenic with the cascading waterfalls, canyons, and the lush green landscape.
  • In Portugal, travel to Algarve for the most scenic golf site. The golfing hotspots are located in Vilamoura, Monte, and Penina. The area encompasses stunning golf resorts where golfers can stay.
  • In Spain, play golf in Costa Del Sol. The golf course is located in the coastline of Spain, stretching from Malaga to Sotogrande. Hot golf courses are Santa Clara, Calanova, and Marbella Golf & Country Club. Outstanding resorts are located within the golf area.
  • In Scotland, enjoy playing golf in the most panoramic golf course in St Andrews & Fife. The top golf course is the St Andrews Old Course, where the view of the landscape is breathtaking. The site is a big hit for golf players from around the world.

Organize your golf holiday in the most scenic golf course

Have a great time outdoor playing golf at the most beautiful locations. Choose your golf holiday destination carefully to have fun. Where are the most popular golf courses located? Well, the greatest gold courses are in Hawaii, in Arizona, in Monterey, and in Myrtle Beach, USA; in Algarve, Portugal; in Costa Del Sol, Spain; and in St Andrews & Fife, Scotland.

Don't miss the opportunity to play at the most scenic golf location and experiment playing golf at another golf camp. On the spot, meet other golf players from various locations and learn new golf techniques.

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