Photo Teach your children golf during your holidays

Teach your children golf during your holidays

Teach your children golf during your holidays

What are your plans for this coming holiday? Are you going to stay in your city, or visit a new country? Have you ever thought about teaching your kids to play golf? This will be an opportunity to unwind and to do something new with your children. What golf techniques should you teach them? Read and get some ideas about what to do.

Insight about Golf

Golf consists of driving the ball from the tee, which is the starting point, and getting it to the green, and then into the hole. The best is to get the ball into the hole with only a few shots, if possible. The hole is marked by a flag. There are 18 holes in a standard golf course.

What do you need to play golf?

Basically, you need the following items to play golf:

  • A few golf clubs
  • A dozen golf balls
  • Tee
  • Ball markers
  • A golf course

Essential golf techniques

There are many techniques to teach your children. Let us find out some of them.


When striking the ball, squat and bend your back slightly.

  • Keep your arms on a hanging position, and your chin high. Hold the club with both hands.
  • Strike the ball from the right to the left. Keep teaching your children to strike golf balls for many times, while focusing on their posture.

Making shots

When you teach how to make shots, it is a good idea to start with short shot. There are many types of shots to learn, including:

  • Hitting the driver off the tee
  • Making short shots around the green
  • Making solid iron shots
  • Hitting an iron off the ground
  • Making long drives
  • Making fescue shots

Pitching and chipping

To pitch the ball, stand up straight, squat slightly, hold the club with your right hand, with the ball in front of your feet.

  • Keep your eyes at the ball. Then, learn how to hit wedges. Bend your back, hold the club with both hands.
  • Lift the club horizontally in front of you while bending, and hit wedges. It is important to master golf pitching and wedge hitting techniques.


Start by teaching your child how to line up for the Putt. Squat your feet and bend your back slightly forward. Hold the club with both hands, with the ball on the ground in front of your feet. Keep your eyes above the ball, and take a firm grip of the Putter.

  • Your left hand should take a firm grip of the upper part of the Putter; while the right hand takes a grip of the Putter, just under your left hand. For that, it is important to stretch your right index finger along the Putter.
  • When putting, it is important to maintain your distance from the Putter.


Before driving, it is helpful to clean the grip of your club. The most important techniques include:

  • Power driving techniques
  • Straight driving techniques
  • Under pressure driving techniques

Golf learning holiday for your children

When you teach your children how to play golf, it is important to make them pay attention to the ball position and to correct their posture from time to time.

It is also nice and inspiring to practice in beautiful golf courses. For example, you can look for an interesting golf course with a panoramic landscape on the internet and spend your holidays by teaching golf techniques to your children there. If you look for a flight to that spot, book a flight through the Opodo travel agency's website. It is also recommended to book your accommodation early through Opodo to get the best deal for your trip.

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